Foundations of Demolition Management Certificate Earners

Congratulations to our Foundations of Demolition Management Certificate Holders!

The National Demolition Association is proud to announce that we currently have 35 certificate holders who have completed all four courses in the Foundations of Demolition Management for a total of 40 hours of in-person training. This achievement is recognized with a Foundations of Demolition Management certificate. 

First Name Last Name Certificate Number
Michael Casbon 1
Tim Barker 2
Steve Schwartz 3
Ben Hayden 4
Greg Menen 5
Jason Anderson 6
Keith Bohlinger 7
Jeff Kading 8
Tom Lantagne 9
Kerry Nazario 10
Dane Stritt 11
LaCresha Ware 12
Paul Brant 13
Brian McKinney 14
Steven Wilk 15
Chris Salinger 16
Adam Tupancy 17
Damion Ellis 18
Joseph Hampel 19
Doug Hampton 20
Vincent Howard 21
Diana Tremaine 22
Collin Marcicki 23
Ivan Bain 24
Peter Beltz 25
Ricky Brown 26
Zac Clark 27
Rob Dinning 28
Kyle Maddox 29
Logan Marcicki 30
Jeff Scalici 31
Tyler Smith 32
Jason Stegall 33
Bud Stevens 34
Dean Reader 35

For more information on these courses, please visit the Foundations of Demolition Management page.